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What Is Gloc Musical Theatre?
We are a non-professional society based in Ealing, West London that specialises in the performance of musicals and music written in the last fifty years.
 Where Does Gloc Come From?
Many years ago, in a galaxy far away, we were known as Greenford Light Opera Company performing classical light opera. As we moved on to contemporary  musicals, we changed our name to better reflect our current repertoire, keeping  the original company acronym as a link with our roots.
Where and when do you rehearse?
 We rehearse every Wednesday evening at Hanwell Methodist Church Hall, Church Road, Hanwell, starting at 8.00pm. We also usually rehearse on several Sunday afternoons leading up to a show. Principal rehearsals are on Friday evenings at St. Thomas' Church Hall, Boston Road, Hanwell starting at 8.00pm
How much time will I need to commit?
 Rehearsals are fun, but absence makes it difficult for both the production team and cast to have successful rehearsals, so commitment and attendance are very important.  It is vital that members ensure they are available as far as possible to attend the rehearsals outlined in the section above.  It is your responsibility to ensure the production team are made aware of any holidays booked in advance, by filling in the holiday chart. In the case of illness or unforeseen absence, the production team should be informed prior to the rehearsal, with as much notice as possible. Repeated unexplained absence may result in members having to be dropped from particular numbers.

Do I have to audition to join?
  No! New members do not have to audition to join the society. However in the event that cast numbers are too hight, it may be necessary to audition to be in a show.

  How much does it cost?
  The annual subscription is £40 for Full Membership, £25 for Students & Senior Citizens, and £10 for Associate Membership. A show fee is also payable for each show in which you take part.

How many shows do you produce each year?
  Two. We currently perform one major show in the spring at Questors Theatre, Mattock Lane, Ealing and a smaller show in the autumn at St Benedict's School in Ealing. We sometimes do other concerts by request if time allows.

How are shows selected?
  The company has a Show Development Officer and volunteer members who help to research and review sutable shows. From this, the general committee produce a short list from which the company select a show by voting.

How are principals for shows selected?
  Members audition for principal parts before a panel consisting of the Musical Director and Director of the show, and a committee representative. Up to two independent persons may also be on the panel.

 Will I be able to be in the current show when I join?
  Usually, but if you join midway through a show, this will be at the discretion of the production team.

 Will I be able to audition for a  principal role in the current show when I join?
  Usually only existing members are eligible to audition for a show.

 Does the society run any social events?
  Yes we do! Our Social Secretary runs a full programme of social events including theatre trips, quiz nights, parties, dances, dinners etc.

 How do I join?
  Just come along to a rehearsal on a Wednesday evening or click Join Us  for more details and contact information.
Will I meet attractive members of the opposite/same (delete as applicable!) sex?
  All our members are attractive (in their own special way!)

Will I be encouraged to do more than just take part on stage?
  Members are encouraged to help with all aspects of running the company and show production. Musical Directors, Producers, Choreographers, Set Designers and Costumiers are recruited wherever possible from the membership.

 Will I need any special equipment?
Not usually.

 Is there any other form of membership?
  Associate membership costs £10 annually for which you will be kept up to date with all society functions which you are also entitled to attend. However, you will not be able to take part in productions.

 How is the company organised and run?
  The company is managed by a committee of nine members, elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.

 How can I find out more about Gloc Musical Theatre?
  Email the membership secretary at membership@glocmt.co.uk

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